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The Law Office of Lauren Laundis practices Family Law, Criminal Law and Employment Law. Turn to attorney Lauren Laundis for practical, effective legal solutions that work. Your problems are her problems, and she has the right legal solutions. When you step into the Law Office of Lauren Laundis, expect to meet a legal professional who is down to earth and will carefully listen to your circumstances and concern. She gives each client the time they deserve. All around, she is an attorney with a human approach to solving legal issues.

Family Law: Attorney Lauren Laundis

Issues surrounding family matters are often emotionally charged. It’s just the nature of close relationships. Attorney Lauren Laundis works closely with clients to help the legal process run smoothly and reduce stress. She lets her clients know all of their legal options. For example, mediation may be a good choice for settling matters like child custody and the distribution of assets. This non-adversarial process is less contentious, costly and time consuming than heading to court. During the mediation process, she acts as a legal advisor and helps clients prepare for the series of meetings in mediation. Mediation entails a neutral third party facilitating discussions among partners and helping them resolve identified issues.

Criminal Law: The Law Office of Lauren Laundis

When you are charged with a crime, you need a strong legal advocate like Lauren Laundis in your corner. Attorney Lauren Laundis is there to ensure that you are treated fairly during the criminal justice process and fights for your rights. She prepares a strong criminal defense strategy for the best outcome.

Employment Law: Attorney Lauren Laundis

As an employment law attorney, Lauren Laundis has experience in helping both companies and individuals in all aspects of the employee-employer relationship. She helps clients understand the rules governing the workplace, resolves job-related legal problems and drafts and negotiates contracts between businesses and employees. She has also handled common workplace issues, such as unlawful termination, collecting overtime, workplace harassment, workplace violence and compensation issues. Getting justice in the workplace is a lot easier with an experienced employment attorney like Lauren Laundis on your side.

Facing a family, criminal or employment issue? Turn to attorney Lauren Laundis and let her experience work for you.