Lauren Laundis

We are serious when we say that your problems are our problems. When you work with the Law Office of Lauren Laundis, you get our full attention and can have confidence that we will find a way to help you. Our service areas include: Family Law, Criminal Law, and Employment Law. Many people have issues in these areas of concern that need competent and honest legal support. Lauren has helped many people in the Redlands, CA, region resolve simple to complex legal matters, and she offers you the same diligent legal work and dedication to winning.

Attorney Lauren Laundis

Attorney Lauren Laundis  is committed to helping other people and providing excellent legal care. She is a 2009 graduate of Golden Gate University’s School of Law, and licensed to practice law in California. Lauren immediately focused her career on Family Law & Criminal Defense legal services, at her law office in Redlands, CA.

The majority of cases handled by Attorney Laundis involve Family Law matters, such as Child Support, Child Custody, and Divorce/Separation, while other clients needed the benefit of her Criminal Defense legal services. Lauren offers a free consultation to discuss your case particulars, and she works with each client on an individual basis, to create unique solutions.

CA Family Law & Criminal Defense Attorney

For exceptional legal assistance with California Family Law matters or Criminal Defense, get a free consultation with Attorney Lauren Laundis. Lauren will help you understand the legal process and requirements you need to meet to get past even the most complex legal matters that cross your path. She takes a personal interest in helping her clients resolve disputes, so they can again move forward in life. Each case receives her individual attention and care; she works diligently on behalf of her clients to obtain the best possible outcome.

To learn more about how we can help you with your Family Law and Criminal Defense legal concerns, contact the Law Office of Lauren Laundis, in Redlands, CA. Call us now, at (909) 363-4734.