Criminal Defense

Being charged with a criminal offense is always a serious matter, whether it’s a misdemeanor or felony. With potential jail time, loss of employment and hefty fines, there’s a lot on the line. At the Law Office of Lauren Laundis, your problems are her problems. Let her provide you with the best criminal defense for the best outcome. Attorney Lauren Laundis has had many successes representing clients accused of a crime, including case dismissal, reduced charges, parole rather than incarceration and reduced sentencing.

A Good Defense Strategy: Attorney Lauren Laundis

Fighting a criminal charge requires a strong defense strategy. It can mean the difference between going to prison or maintaining freedom. Attorney Lauren Laundis leaves no stone unturned when it comes to developing a strong defense strategy on behalf of her clients. She speaks with law enforcement, obtains witness statements, uncovers hidden witnesses, does a crime scene investigation, reviews ballistic reports, evaluates DNA evidence and hires expert witnesses when needed. In addition, she reviews all the evidence that the prosecution has with the goal of poking holes in their case against you. The goal is to prove reasonable doubt, so that you are found not guilty.

Communication with Clients

Attorney Lauren Laundis is with her clients throughout the whole criminal justice process, from arraignment and pre-trial to trial and post-trial. She keeps her clients in the loop, as the case progresses. And if the prosecution has strong evidence against you, she’ll plea bargain for a lesser charge. Attorney Lauren Laundis also advises her clients of both the pros and cons of accepting a plea and guides them to the best choice. It just may be a wiser choice to take a plea bargain instead of risking a jury trial.

The Best Legal Advice: The Law Office of Lauren Laundis

Whether you’re a suspect of a crime or have been formally charged, attorney Lauren Laundis delivers the best legal advice for her clients. For example, if the police arrive at your home asking questions about a crime, she always advises not to answer any questions. Give her a call immediately. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t talk about the crime with family or friends either. Until you’re in custody, anything you say is not privileged and can be used against you later on in court.