Employment Law

Lauren Laundis is an experienced employment law attorney who works with both companies and workers regarding employment issues and the drafting and negotiating of business contracts for employees and vendors. When it comes to employment-related matters, she provides practical legal advice and solutions.

Common Legal Issues in the Workplace: Attorney Lauren Laundis

In the United States, workers are protected by a complicated series of laws and regulations. Unfortunately, some workers are unaware of their rights and get mistreated. Attorney Lauren Laundis is there to protect your legal rights in the workplace. Common unlawful workplace issues include:

  • Unlawful Termination – Depending on whether or not your job falls into a protected class, termination may be unlawful. In this situation legal representation is essential.
  • Workplace Harassment – There are many types of workplace harassment, including sexual harassment. It can come from fellow employees or bosses. Either way, an employment attorney can help.
  • Collecting Overtime – Sometimes, employers can be unscrupulous when it comes to collecting overtime wages. Attorney Lauren Laundis is there to ensure that you receive the compensation that you’re lawfully entitled to.
  • Workplace Violence – All workers are entitled to a safe and secure workplace. When violence occurs, you can get justice from an experienced employment attorney.
  • Compensation Issues – Employers must adhere to minimum wage laws. If your employer is not doing so, attorney Lauren Laundis will protect your rights.

Employer Assistance: The Law Office of Lauren Laundis

Attorney Lauren Laundis helps employers create contracts for both vendors and employees. She drafts contracts that are easy to read and understand. This way, everyone is aware of their duties and responsibilities. She prepares all company contracts that are in compliance with the law while protecting the rights of employers.

There are times when an employer may need help defending their company against a claim by an employee. Attorney Lauren Laundis helps companies assess the problem and develop a game plan to resolve the issue. She has had many successes representing employers involved in a lawsuit.

Whether you’re an employee with a work-related issue or an employer with an employee issue, turn to attorney Lauren Laundis for the best legal advice and legal representation. She represents clients on both sides of the table. She will carefully listen to the individual circumstances and let you know the best course of action to take.