Family Law

Helping clients create unique solutions for Family Law issues is an area of law practice that Attorney Lauren Laundis enjoys, because she knows how resolving those sensitive matters makes a positive difference for her clients. She serves people from the areas near Redlands, CA, who need help to manage their Family Law problems. Many issues are included in this area of law, including Divorce and Separation and Child Custody and Support.

The Law Office of Lauren Laundis

People who visit the Law Office of Lauren Laundis often arrive confused by the legal issues they face. We work closely with them to pinpoint the problems and develop creative and unique solutions just for their case. We help clients resolve all kinds of Family Law matters, always working diligently on their behalf for the best outcome.

Typical legal issues that people need competent and honest legal advice and representation for in the area of Family Law include the following:

  • Relationships – Pre-Marital & Post-Marital Agreements, Divorce/Separation, Child Custody/Support, Spousal Support, Domestic Violence
  • Children – Visitation, Rights, Relocation, Adoption, Parenting Guidance
  • Property – Asset & Property Distribution, Agreements, Contracts
  • Agreements – Creation & Modification

Attorney Lauren Laundis

A strong commitment to providing excellent legal care and services is important to Attorney Lauren Laundis and benefits the clients she serves. Lauren has been licensed to practice law in California since 2014. She is a 2014 graduate in Law from the Golden Gate University School of Law. Lauren is dedicated to providing excellent legal advice, counsel and representation in the areas of Family Law, Employment Law and Criminal Defense.

CA Family Law Attorney

Family Law Attorney Lauren Laundis enjoys getting to know her clients and their families; she believes this is the best way to learn about their needs and goals, so she can help them achieve those goals through her legal work. She works hard to resolve Family Law matters that often are highly emotional and complex. For some issues, she serves as a Mediator, helping all members of the group find a workable solution. When she does go to court as a Litigator, she is committed to winning.

Helping families get past difficult times is one of the most rewarding parts of being an attorney. Lauren always works diligently on behalf of her client, and she always wants to uphold the best interests of minor children. You are in excellent hands when you have Attorney Lauren Laundis on your side.

To learn more about how we can help you with your Family Law and other legal matters, contact the Law Office of Lauren Laundis, in Redlands, CA. Call us now, at (909) 363-4734.